For Auld Lang Syne

Written by Robert Burns in 1788, “Auld Lang Syne” is a Scots poem set to the tune of a folk song. Well known in many countries, it is traditionally sung to celebrate the start of the New Year at the stroke of midnight:

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? / Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days of auld lang syne? / For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne / We’ll take a cup of kindness yet for days of auld lang syne

For auld lang syne might be loosely translated as for (the sake of) old times.

This song poses the rhetorical question: Is it right that old times with old friends be forgotten? Such a call to remember and honor long-standing friendships is recorded in 2 Samuel 9:1. David asked, “Is there anyone still left of the house of Saul to whom I can show kindness for Jonathan’s sake?”

Indeed, Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth—who became crippled as a child—was already grown by this time, and with a son of his own (v. 12). Although many years had already passed, David remembered his vow of friendship to Jonathan and his family (1 Samuel 20:14-17, 42). He knew that making good on a promise is always better late than never.

How appropriate it is to usher in a new year by first taking into account any unfulfilled obligations and setting things right! Only then can we face our dreams for the future with renewed hope and determination.




  1. Pat Hoffman

    I am especially enjoying my read of your recent posts. I have a ministry for which I have ordered some of your “The Revelation” to use as thank-you gifts. I look forward to giving them because I thrill so much to hearing mine over and over. You do well, my dear Karen.
    May God’s power continue to be unleashed on all He leads you to accomplish for Him.

    In His service,

  2. Thank you so much, Pat, for your kind remarks. God’s Word truly and always achieves the purpose for which He sends it (Isa. 55:10-11): never void, always full!

    May the Lord shower His blessings on you and your ministry!



    I have so been inspired by your reading the book of Revelation, although to some may be frightening to some, but I see the beauty of God’s creation and intent for His people to enjoy I say to myself make sure you are prepared to meet thy God. WITH GREAT ANTICIPATION I want to be ready and this rendition has helped me to put me in perspective.
    Thank you so much!

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