Love’s Momentum

All of my life I have experienced the fierce love and prayers of my mother. Whether or not you’ve experienced the same, you can always be grateful that your mother was willing to carry you for nine months and then face delivery so courageously. Celebrating our mothers once a year is the very least that we can do to honor them!

My great-great-grandmother was born in Sweden. To the best of my knowledge, she raised her only child as a single parent in mid-1800. This solitary baby turned out to be the vital link to which the existence and contributions of successive generations would hinge.

This little baby (my great-grandmother) gave birth to eight children — the eldest daughter was my grandmother; the youngest daughter married an evangelist and traveled to over 50 nations with the Gospel. My grandmother had four children — the eldest daughter went into the ministry, as did several of her children and grandchildren (and I am sure that her great-grandchildren will, too); the youngest daughter is my mother, and I have been in ministry now for nearly 30 years.

A mother’s love and prayers only gain momentum as they flow down through the generations. Nothing on earth is purer or stronger. Except                                                                              for Jesus, no one is more deserving of my gratitude or devotion.

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  1. Dan Bickham

    Karen How much you look like your Mother. Enjoy your Mothers day I only wish My mother were still here to enjoy it with you. Best to you both this Sunday. Dan

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