Performance Books

It’s wonderful to see the “lights” go on in people’s minds simply because they’ve heard the Word in context, i.e. they’ve experienced an entire book of the Bible in one setting. And the primary reason an audience will listen through to an entire book is the underlying musical score.

The Word comes to life—like a movie script comes to life—once the music is added. Of course, the Word is much more exciting than a movie script, but most people fail to grasp this until a “spotlight” is shone on the text. This is precisely what an epic orchestral score does: It highlights the truth, reveals the overlooked or misunderstood, emphasizes the Divine heart, underscores the bottom line, and shifts the familiar and commonplace into the awesome and holy.

The Word of God is magnificent and deserves to be presented and heard in a magnificent way. Whatever it takes—to reach the ear, touch the heart, change the life, convert the soul—is worth it.