“The Buzz”

“A stunning, heart-stirring, one-of-a-kind presentation that everyone should have in his or her CD library. People need to be refreshed in Revelation. This project turns this portion of God’s Word toward its greatest objective: stirring human hearts with truth, joy and hope’s expectation.”

Dr. Jack W. Hayford
Founding Pastor, The Church On The Way
Chancellor, The King’s University

“I have heard something that is extraordinary, exquisite and profoundly enjoyable. My friend, in these uncertain times of terror and war, the Book of Revelation holds a special fascination for us as we wonder what the future holds, and what God’s plan is for this fractured, fragile world of ours. There are, of course, many different approaches to and interpretations of the Book of Revelation… But the key to gaining an appreciation of the message of Revelation is to “hear” it. Not to read and analyze it piecemeal like a train schedule, but to “hear” it . . . and to hear it ‘whole’. The best vehicle I have ever seen is this magnificent, verbal performance. This is simply an exquisite and extraordinary spiritual experience. You must not miss receiving this beautiful, artistic two-CD rendering of scripture. You will treasure it. It is life changing.”

Norm Nelson
President, Touchstone Ministries & Compassion Radio