Notables & Quotables

“A stunning, heart-stirring, one-of-a-kind presentation that everyone should have in his or her CD library. People need to be refreshed in Revelation. This project turns this portion of God’s Word toward its greatest objective: stirring human hearts with truth, joy and hope’s expectation.”

Dr. Jack W. Hayford
Founding Pastor, The Church On The Way
Chancellor, The King’s University

“Prepare to enter into the most holy place through the anointed music, memory and message of Karen Heimbuch as she declares the Word of the Lord. You will see what John saw, hear what angels hear—and never be the same.”

Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer
Bishop of Faithful Central Bible Church

“The Lord has used The Revelation more than any other single project in the current history of Haven Ministries. We praise God how He is using Karen Heimbuch and The London Symphony Orchestra for sharing His Word.”

Charles Morris
President and Speaker
Haven Ministries

“I found listening a profound spiritual experience. Thank you very much for enriching my life.”

Lloyd J. Ogilvie
Former Chaplain, United States Senate

“Dear Karen and company: I saw you on the Praise the Lord show on TBN this week. Your accomplishment in the memorization and production of God’s word is awesome! Truly, you are blessing millions, through this work that the Holy Spirit has empowered you to do.”

Kathy Walton

“I bought your CDs after hearing you at the Joyce Meyer conference, I think they are awesome, My two children, 7 & 9, ask over and over to listen to it. I am telling friends about it. I didn’t have to hear much at the conference to convince me this was something I had to have. Thank you!”

Ronda Foster

“I am a 17 year old homeschool student from Ontario, Canada. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your “Revelation” CD’s. Listening to them over and over inspired me to try memorizing Revelation, and I did. I have since gone on to memorize Ephesians, 1 & 2 Corinthians and am currently working on Hebrews. My goal is to memorize the whole New Testament. All that to say, thank you for doing it and for inspiring me to do it!!”

Avery Foley
Ontario, Canada

“This is the most BEAUTIFUL thing I have ever listened to. It’s like watching a movie in your head. Thanks for all your hard work! Wish everyone would listen to this.”

Paulette Duarte
Sahuarita, AZ

“I was driving home the other night and caught just a short clip of the CD on the radio. I was soooo taken by it that I had to pull over to listen and get a pen and paper to write down anything I could to help me find out how to order it! What a blessing! I just can’t wait to hear it all the way through. I got the multi-pack to share the blessing with my family and friends! Absolutely awesome!”

Lisa Hibbard
Yuma, AZ

“Hello Karen, I trust you made it back home safely after being in Toronto. I wanted to re-iterate how much we enjoyed and were touched by your fantastic presentation – it was both moving and thought provoking as Revelation was presented in such a unique manner.”

Tom Lodu
Operations Manager
Global Kingdom Ministries
Toronto, Ontario

“It was a pleasure to have photographed you, to have watched you minister and most important of all, to have met you, Karen. You are a very special one-of-a-kind person whom God is using powerfully.”

Christopher Soulé
Laramie, WY

“Greetings! I’m going to order several copies of this most wonderful CD of The Revelation. I must say that it’s been many years since I have had such a wonderful listening and spiritual experience! The Lord bless Karen and her ministry. And I hope that someday she will consider doing the entire Bible.”

Carl Jones
Highlander, WA

“It has been our great, great pleasure to have Karen share “The Revelation” and preach His Word to our people on four different occasions. For two consecutive years she spoke at our Women’s Retreat, and following this, the women were highly motivated to memorize large portions of God’s Word. We were able to see fruit in women’s lives in just a matter of weeks. A combined total of over 100 chapters have been committed to memory by our women. Several women have memorized entire books from the Bible. That’s fruit! Her message and delivery is highly motivational and inspirational. Karen has truly been a blessing to our church family. She will bless yours, too!”

Rev. Marge Ainley
Former Director of Women’s Ministries
Valley Christian Center, Fresno, CA

“Karen Heimbuch’s ministry is desperately needed in the church today. Her clear, direct, and dramatic presentation of the book of Revelation inspires people to a deeper desire for God’s Word, a holy reverence for His presence, and sense of conviction where there was previously apathy. Her submitted sensitivity to local church leadership and worship service styles allows her to be a blessing in any context. Karen has an open door to our church every time she is in the area and her ministry always leaves us wanting more of Jesus!”

Rev. Ron Pinkston
Central Pacific District Supervisor of Foursquare Churches

“I have heard something that is extraordinary, exquisite and profoundly enjoyable. My friend, in these uncertain times of terror and war, the Book of Revelation holds a special fascination for us as we wonder what the future holds, and what God’s plan is for this fractured, fragile world of ours. There are, of course, many different approaches to and interpretations of the Book of Revelation… But the key to gaining an appreciation of the message of Revelation is to “hear” it. Not to read and analyze it piecemeal like a train schedule, but to “hear” it . . . and to hear it ‘whole’. The best vehicle I have ever seen is this magnificent, verbal performance. This is simply an exquisite and extraordinary spiritual experience. You must not miss receiving this beautiful, artistic two-CD rendering of scripture. You will treasure it. It is life changing.”

Norm Nelson
President, Touchstone Ministries & Compassion Radio