To Whom Honor is Due


“Pay to all what is due them…respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due.” (Romans 13:7, NRS)

Honoring the honorable is one debt that I am enthusiastic to pay!

Since her conversion at 15, Dr. Jean Darnall has had a miraculous healing ministry. After studying at LIFE Bible College, she and her husband, Elmer, were sent to Panama, Canada and Australia as missionaries. They returned to the States in the late fifties as associate pastors at Angelus Temple, leaving in 1967 for the UK, where they ministered for 25 years. Jean had a great influence in the charismatic revival that swept through the Anglican Church during this time. They later relocated to Hawaii, actively involved with YWAM. At the age of 84, Jean was invited by Dr. Jack Hayford to begin a Thursday midday service at The Church On The Way in Van Nuys, California.

As Jean steps into a new decade (she turns 90 next week), she also steps into a new ministry. So I add my “shout out” of her remarkable life and contribution to the Body of Christ during this transitional season. Jean Darnall is one who truly carries considerable weight in the kingdom of God, well fashioned by the Word and the Holy Spirit.

Chris Goan accurately described Jean in his blog, This Fragile Tent: “I have always thought of her as a kind and wise person, steeped in the Holy Spirit.”

It has been my great joy to know Pastor Jean and my great privilege to have served her in the Thursday services. I love her dearly and rejoice in knowing that her ever-increasing impact will continue to draw many to Christ. May all such dear ones become likewise “steeped” in His Spirit.

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  1. Sandy Faulkner

    I have had the privilege of Jean praying for me a few times in my life. My heart was touched by her kindness and gentleness. I was encouraged to keep on keeping on by her prayer and the Word she shared with me. Sometimes as a woman in ministry you feel like you have to be twice as good as everyone else. Put up with twice as much….and never let them see you sweat. Jean has been able to rise above it all and the love she has for the Lord flows from her beaming face. I pray that these latter days will be more glorious than the former. Love you, Jean!

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