Unnecessary Blindfolds

Although blindfolds are typically forced upon hapless victims of kidnapping and the like, there are more than a few children’s games—like, “Pinning the Tail on the Donkey” or “Blind Man’s Bluff” or taking a whack at a piñata—where one actually chooses to wear a blindfold. Either way, existing vision is “blinded.”

When Jesus was brought before the Sanhedrin to be condemned to death, they blindfolded Him, struck Him with their fists, and demanded: ‘Prophesy! Who hit You?’” (Mark 14:65, Luke 22:64)

The Apostle Paul speaks of the gospel being “veiled” to those who are perishing. “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers…” (2 Cor 4:3-4, NIV).

In both of these instances, blindfolding (both literal and metaphorical) is a forcible act.

So when is blindfolding a matter of choice?

—  When you choose to accept a bribe. (Exodus 23:8)

—  When you choose to worship idols. (Isaiah 44:12-20)

—  When you choose not to believe in God’s miraculous power. (John 12:37-41)

—  When you choose to hate your brother: “But the man who hates his brother is shut off from the light and gropes his way in the dark without seeing where he is going. To move in the dark is to move blindfold. (1 John 2:11, Phillips)

It’s challenging enough to navigate through life without adding more blindfolds to the mix! Instead let us choose justice over bribery, Godly worship over idolatry, belief in God’s power over its denial, and self-sacrificing love over hatred.


  1. Tim Cowdell

    It’s amazing to me how many of today’s youth are totally blinded. I am talking of kids that I know who grew up in Christian homes, have been Christians, and Spirit-filled for much of their lives, and now are just choosing to put on that blindfold, it’s a very new and uncharted place for ministers today . . .

    • You’re absolutely right! I think the present challenge for Christian youth is not to get distracted by the bombardment of visual media that pushes a worldly mindset. Once our focus shifts from heaven to earth, we lose spiritual momentum; we have chosen the blindfold.

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